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Game Programmer

Henrik Park


Located in Southern Sweden, Passionate about UI / UX programming

Latest Work

Shells Kitchen



Unreal Inventory System

So, I decided to create an inventory system in unreal engine 5, I had been using Unreal Engine before, but very limited, and not since 4.25.

The reason I decided on Unreal is mainly that I know there are quite a few Game developers out there that are using this engine as their Game Engine. I wanted to show that I am capable of using the engine and also adapt to new engines when needed.

The other thing I wanted to focus this 100h

(minus time to create Personal letter, CV, and portfolio)

on was to make something Replicated and Network friendly that still connected to my UI/UX programming, So I went for a

classic Inventory system.

Press Read More to follow my progress week by week, and also to see the final product.

/Henrik Park


Project 08


UI/UX Programmer

Project 8 - The Final Project.

This game was an 8-week project at full time ( almost, we also had interviews for the internships during this time).

There were no restrictions on what kind of game we had to do so we decided on a co-op fun party game, and it is as fun to play as it was to make!

Project 07


UI/UX Programmer & Game Programmer

Game Project 7.

This was done over 14 weeks at half speed, Made in our own Engine "CatBox" and my Focus on this game was UI/UX with some gameplay elements, Click Show Game to read a more in-depth explanation about my work on this project. 

Project 06


UI/UX Programmer & Game Programmer

Game Project 6, This was the first project in the second semester and the first with our new Team "Stupid town". this was done over 12 weeks at half speed and my focus was UI/UX and gameplay, Click to read more

Project 05


UI, Questsystem and Gameplay

Project 5, The last project before the summer break. was made over 8 weeks at half speed, and the goal was to make an Adventure game, we took inspiration from the early Zelda games.

Click Show Game to read more about my contribution to this game.

Project 04


UI & Gameplay

6 Weeks, half speed long Project, made with the school's own game Engine the TGE, this was the first time the school introduced this engine, so we had to adapt a lot to make the best of what we had, that was incredibly fun and challenging!

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